Self Discipline April 29th 2017

Prersonal Habits Did I get it done?
Time Up 6:30
Time in the office
Time left the office
Time went to bed 10:30
Book I read FP aricles
The person I reached out to in my network today none
Morning Activities
Did not hit the snooze button yes
Up by 5:00 AM no
In the office by 6:00 AM
Leave office at 6:00 PM
Take cold showers yes
Affirmations to colors no
Gratitude Journal no
Clean Shave yes
Make my bed yes
Practice telling people what I do yes
Went to the gym yes
Stretched yes
Read 30 minutes Daily catching up on the market/ Financial planning yes
Read 30 minutes Daily outside of Financial planning no
Answer one financial planning question from a client yes
Night time activities
Wrote down and verbalized my goals three times today no
Spiritual side Journal and Reflected on the day yes
Prayed for others yes
Visualize the man I want to become yes
Tracked my expenses
Clean/ organized car, bedrooms, and counter tops no
Expanded my network no
Limited my swearing no
Limited myself to two beers yes
Wished people happy birthday no
Channeled my energy towards my goals yes
Answered Social Security Questions yes
Watched TV for less than 30 minutes no
Provided week in review yes
Total 16/24

My Lord what a day! I really worked on my cooking skills today… I made the finest Mac N Cheese this world has ever seen!

I thought I did pretty well today with being disciplined. GRR the dryer and I got into a bit of a fight though… I was doing laundry and I did not put my clothes away. I know I should I have done this today. I tried writing an excuse but I don’t have none- its on me and I have to be better!

You know I did watch a little bit of the Dark Knight today and while I did count it against myself I did learn some things from it. I find that movie to be very psychologically stimulating.

I made Arnold proud today by going to the gym to work on my power and strength. Oooo speaking of gyms I did have a unique experience. As I made up my mind to make Mac N Cheese tonight, I knew I needed to get some milk. On a side note I did get the milk for free 🙂 Anyway, there is a Planet Fitness right by my grocery store. Since I am new to the area I wanted to see what the gym looked like. As I entered the Planet Fitness, I asked for a tour. To my astonishment the worker did not want to give me a tour. It is a great example of how someone can be a great salesman or a poor one. He had low energy, didn’t ask what I was looking for and catered his conversation to around ipods… “You see that machine over there? That can charge your phone while you work out.” While I found it funny, it was a good learning experience for me.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting by my fire on a Saturday night… I’m getting tired so I’m going to go to bed! See you all tomorrow 🙂

5 Unexpected Reasons Watching TV Shows is Good for you

Story time with Justin Pogo

Wow! I can’t believe I’m writing an article about the benefits of watching TV. Normally the only TV I ever watch is Sports, Shark Tank or Dora the Explorer (My dog Sparky finds Dora so motivating.)

A couple weeks ago I went with my brother and his friends to Tennessee for the weekend to watch the Packers get destroyed by the Titans. While the game was bad, I did manage to pleasantly pass the time in the car for 18 hours by watching the TV show Entourage.

After finishing the series a couple days ago, I realized that I gained a couple of gold mental nuggets on why I think watching an occasional TV show can benefit our lives.

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3 Life Lessons I learned From College

One Sunday morning I saw my friend just released a new book he wrote revolving around making the most out of college. Even though my college experience was not like the American Pie movies, those days were still some of the best of my life. I mean, how couldn’t the time heating up milk creamer in a soda pitcher not be a great story?

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Special Olympics Is Back!

Special Olympics started this week! It was great to get back to volunteering for a great cause. It’s interesting how the other coaches thank me for donating my time but in reality I feel like I get more out of volunteering than what I give to the athletes. I coach the best I can trying to always motivate and encourage but I always end up learning more than I teach. The part that always gets me is that I will often go to practice after work with many different things on my mind.

I always walk out of pracice feeling refreshed and ready to look at life in a new way. The daily things we take for granted such as walking, talking and being able to make simple movements often get tossed under the bus for things we think that are more important but in reality are pointless.

While I’m happy I am able to help make a positive difference in other people’s lives, I am grateful that I am able to help share my knowledge on sports with some awesome athletes!

The Couple on a Bike Ride

Story time with Justin Pogo

 The other day after my lunch break I was driving into my parking lot at a fast & furious pace of 15MPH. As I put my foot on the break petal to let him know who is boss, I looked over my left shoulder. There, on the beautiful sunny July day, I saw a 60 year old married couple joyfully pickpocketing a couple of 3rd graders for their lunch money. Just kidding.

What I actually saw was a couple riding their bikes down a bike path. Now before I tell you the rest of the story, I have to let you know I was really working on my discipline skills that day. Just like how whenever I see a fire alarm, since I know I’m not supposed to pull it down, the Albert Einstein in me really makes me want to. Well, in this situation Adam Sandler’s movie, Big daddy popped in my head. It was the scene where he taught his 5 year old son to put a stick in a roller bladers path so they would fall down.

Being the good Samaritan I was, I held back from putting a stick in their way and just observed to see if I could learn anything from them.

 A couple of seconds later my brain got churning. Seeing the couple ride the bending path got me thinking how in life we really have so little room for error with our time. Seeing that older couples made me realize that at one point they were in my 23 year old shoes thinking they had all the time in the world. They at one point were worried about the future and you know what, they still probably are. It’s just that their worries maybe have changed from will I ever get married, will I get a job, to how long will I live or is my doctor going to tell me I’m healthy?

 So that’s why I wrote this today. I want to start writing more. I’ve always liked creating things. In high school I made successful YouTube videos, in college I created a student organization and now I want to write. Even though I am very happy with what I do during the day, I want more out of life.

 I want to be able to look back and when I am old and grey to see how I was in my 20s or what my mindset was at that time. I want to be able to compare what my Snapchat Score was when  I’m 23 compared to when I’m 90 (My math guestimates it will be over 23,500,000 and will have unlocked every item)

 So what did I learn today? Well, besides the fact that knocking people off their bikes may have a slight positive correlated to back problems, it’s that life is short and that even if we have a goal in mind, pursue it like there is no tomorrow, but just enjoy the ride.

 On a side note, if you are thinking of bike riding more I compiled a list of the most common answers I found to the very intensive, detailed survey I conducted on bike riding.

The three top reasons males go on bike rides

1.        To burn off steam after losing an important Pokemon match

2.        Their wife or girlfriend took their car away for forgetting to put the dishes away

3.        They’ve always secretly wanted to wear biker spandex and wanted to see what it was like

Cheers! To having keeping the journey fun!

Reflection on the Year: 2015

2015 is officially in the books! As I look back on this year I am grateful for a number of things that have happened to me. Some of them are as follows:

  1. I am excelling at my first full time job out of college
  2. I am adjusting to the adult world
  3. I made a girl laugh. Next year I want to double my production and make TWO girls laugh.
  4. The books I read this year really helped shape my mindset in a new way. My favorite book I read this year was Start with Why by Simon Sinek.
  5. I successfully learned how play a DVD on a TV. Now I just need to find how to increase the volume
  6. I graduated from college
  7. The Seattle Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl.

Image result for malcolm butler interception

Looking ahead, some of the goals I have for 2016 are the following:

  1. Pass the CFP exam in July 2016. This goal is the one that I am putting all my time, effort, blood, sweat, salt, pepper & tears into. Most of my days are spent studying for this test at the moment so I look forward to passing it.
  2. Get back in shape. I still go to the gym about 3 times a week, however my workouts are less intense due to studying for my exam
  3. Successfully become known as a troller on the internet to people who deserve it. I’m just kidding! Back when I had YouTube videos I had enough trollers on my videos and while I do think some comments were funny I don’t have the time to commit to be the greatest I could be at it. I’ll settle for being great at creating Memes.
    Image result for zoolander meme
  4. Find a team of financial advisors to join. If everyone goes according to plan with passing the CFP exam, I am hoping to find a team of financial advisors who are looking to expand their team.
  5. Move out on my own. Saving money is great, but I know there is an opportunity cost to the personal growth I could be having on my own.

Cheers to a great 2015!


Reflection on the Year: 2014

2014 was one of the most exciting years I’ve had in awhile! Besides from having a great junior year in college, there was a couple of things that stuck out to me about my year.

  1. I started my own student organization called iConnect. I’ve been leading around 20 college students in talking about how we can set ourselves up for success in the workplace for when we graduate.
  2. I reconnected with my high school baseball coach. My high school baseball coach is a successful entrepreneur and he has become my mentor. One of the things he does is that he is a business coach and he allows me to sit in on the meetings he has with people to discuss how to grow their businesses.
  3. I got offered a full time job!
  4. I finished two different internships
  5. There were a lot of great books I read and Think & Grow Rich was my favorite.

My goals for 2015 are to keep getting smarter, maintain my health and enjoy my last year of college!

Reflection on the year: 2013

Wow college is flying by! By the end of this year I will be a junior already. It feels like I just started. Some of the things I am proud of for 2013 are as follows:

  1. I became a resident assistant on my college dormitory floor.
  2. I did the Harlem Shake with my residents
  3. I got my first financial internship! It’s amazing how networking and telling the world what you want works out for you. I had four different interviews with four different companies and they all passed on me. Finally I struck gold and on the fifth try I got my foot in the door.

For next year there are a couple of things I need to work on. I want to become a better leader, study successful entrepreneurs and enjoy my junior year of school!

Reflection on the year: 2012

I finished my first year of college in 2012! It was nice being away from home for the first time in my life. I was able to make a lot of new friends and live with new people. So far college has been a blast. I’ve been getting involved in clubs and been hard at work studying.

I am very happy to be a finance major. I at one point considered physical therapy since I loved sports but I realized that wasn’t for me. With finance I will be able to understand how money works and one day I hope to be a financial advisor.

The Packers did not win the Super Bowl this year, but on a brighter note I am happy I started to work out again. I gained the typical Freshman 15. Never before have I had the opportunity to have all you can eat buffet every day of my life. Cake, cookies, & ice cream I guess adds up pretty quickly.

I also started coaching JV baseball this year. I find that a good way to give back to the sport, as baseball taught me a lot about life. Speaking of which, I was even on the college baseball team here but I decided the amount of time it would take for me to compete it was not worth it for me. I am on to new and better things! I even started reading this year. My favorite book I read was How To Win With Friends & Influence People.

The other book I read was The Alchemist and I really loved that one too.

Reflection on the Year: 2011

Wow I graduated from high school this year! My life is flying by. I always remember when I was younger thinking that when I was going to college I would have my whole life figured out. I’m excited for the challenges that are ahead of me and the successes as well. Right now I’m leaning towards majoring in finance due to how much I loved economics in high school.

I am excited for college because it will give me an opportunity to meet new people and for me to get outside of my comfort zone.