Reflection on the year: 2012

I finished my first year of college in 2012! It was nice being away from home for the first time in my life. I was able to make a lot of new friends and live with new people. So far college has been a blast. I’ve been getting involved in clubs and been hard at work studying.

I am very happy to be a finance major. I at one point considered physical therapy since I loved sports but I realized that wasn’t for me. With finance I will be able to understand how money works and one day I hope to be a financial advisor.

The Packers did not win the Super Bowl this year, but on a brighter note I am happy I started to work out again. I gained the typical Freshman 15. Never before have I had the opportunity to have all you can eat buffet every day of my life. Cake, cookies, & ice cream I guess adds up pretty quickly.

I also started coaching JV baseball this year. I find that a good way to give back to the sport, as baseball taught me a lot about life. Speaking of which, I was even on the college baseball team here but I decided the amount of time it would take for me to compete it was not worth it for me. I am on to new and better things! I even started reading this year. My favorite book I read was How To Win With Friends & Influence People.

The other book I read was The Alchemist and I really loved that one too.