The Couple on a Bike Ride

Story time with Justin Pogo

 The other day after my lunch break I was driving into my parking lot at a fast & furious pace of 15MPH. As I put my foot on the break petal to let him know who is boss, I looked over my left shoulder. There, on the beautiful sunny July day, I saw a 60 year old married couple joyfully pickpocketing a couple of 3rd graders for their lunch money. Just kidding.

What I actually saw was a couple riding their bikes down a bike path. Now before I tell you the rest of the story, I have to let you know I was really working on my discipline skills that day. Just like how whenever I see a fire alarm, since I know I’m not supposed to pull it down, the Albert Einstein in me really makes me want to. Well, in this situation Adam Sandler’s movie, Big daddy popped in my head. It was the scene where he taught his 5 year old son to put a stick in a roller bladers path so they would fall down.

Being the good Samaritan I was, I held back from putting a stick in their way and just observed to see if I could learn anything from them.

 A couple of seconds later my brain got churning. Seeing the couple ride the bending path got me thinking how in life we really have so little room for error with our time. Seeing that older couples made me realize that at one point they were in my 23 year old shoes thinking they had all the time in the world. They at one point were worried about the future and you know what, they still probably are. It’s just that their worries maybe have changed from will I ever get married, will I get a job, to how long will I live or is my doctor going to tell me I’m healthy?

 So that’s why I wrote this today. I want to start writing more. I’ve always liked creating things. In high school I made successful YouTube videos, in college I created a student organization and now I want to write. Even though I am very happy with what I do during the day, I want more out of life.

 I want to be able to look back and when I am old and grey to see how I was in my 20s or what my mindset was at that time. I want to be able to compare what my Snapchat Score was when  I’m 23 compared to when I’m 90 (My math guestimates it will be over 23,500,000 and will have unlocked every item)

 So what did I learn today? Well, besides the fact that knocking people off their bikes may have a slight positive correlated to back problems, it’s that life is short and that even if we have a goal in mind, pursue it like there is no tomorrow, but just enjoy the ride.

 On a side note, if you are thinking of bike riding more I compiled a list of the most common answers I found to the very intensive, detailed survey I conducted on bike riding.

The three top reasons males go on bike rides

1.        To burn off steam after losing an important Pokemon match

2.        Their wife or girlfriend took their car away for forgetting to put the dishes away

3.        They’ve always secretly wanted to wear biker spandex and wanted to see what it was like

Cheers! To having keeping the journey fun!