Self Discipline April 29th 2017

Prersonal Habits Did I get it done?
Time Up 6:30
Time in the office
Time left the office
Time went to bed 10:30
Book I read FP aricles
The person I reached out to in my network today none
Morning Activities
Did not hit the snooze button yes
Up by 5:00 AM no
In the office by 6:00 AM
Leave office at 6:00 PM
Take cold showers yes
Affirmations to colors no
Gratitude Journal no
Clean Shave yes
Make my bed yes
Practice telling people what I do yes
Went to the gym yes
Stretched yes
Read 30 minutes Daily catching up on the market/ Financial planning yes
Read 30 minutes Daily outside of Financial planning no
Answer one financial planning question from a client yes
Night time activities
Wrote down and verbalized my goals three times today no
Spiritual side Journal and Reflected on the day yes
Prayed for others yes
Visualize the man I want to become yes
Tracked my expenses
Clean/ organized car, bedrooms, and counter tops no
Expanded my network no
Limited my swearing no
Limited myself to two beers yes
Wished people happy birthday no
Channeled my energy towards my goals yes
Answered Social Security Questions yes
Watched TV for less than 30 minutes no
Provided week in review yes
Total 16/24

My Lord what a day! I really worked on my cooking skills today… I made the finest Mac N Cheese this world has ever seen!

I thought I did pretty well today with being disciplined. GRR the dryer and I got into a bit of a fight though… I was doing laundry and I did not put my clothes away. I know I should I have done this today. I tried writing an excuse but I don’t have none- its on me and I have to be better!

You know I did watch a little bit of the Dark Knight today and while I did count it against myself I did learn some things from it. I find that movie to be very psychologically stimulating.

I made Arnold proud today by going to the gym to work on my power and strength. Oooo speaking of gyms I did have a unique experience. As I made up my mind to make Mac N Cheese tonight, I knew I needed to get some milk. On a side note I did get the milk for free 🙂 Anyway, there is a Planet Fitness right by my grocery store. Since I am new to the area I wanted to see what the gym looked like. As I entered the Planet Fitness, I asked for a tour. To my astonishment the worker did not want to give me a tour. It is a great example of how someone can be a great salesman or a poor one. He had low energy, didn’t ask what I was looking for and catered his conversation to around ipods… “You see that machine over there? That can charge your phone while you work out.” While I found it funny, it was a good learning experience for me.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting by my fire on a Saturday night… I’m getting tired so I’m going to go to bed! See you all tomorrow 🙂