3 Life Lessons I learned From College

One Sunday morning I saw my friend just released a new book he wrote revolving around making the most out of college. Even though my college experience was not like the American Pie movies, those days were still some of the best of my life. I mean, how couldn’t the time heating up milk creamer in a soda pitcher not be a great story?

While I was turning the pages of my friend’s book I found myself reflecting on what I gathered from college. The following are three short lessons I learned.

  1. The world rewards those who know what they want
    One of the most difficult choices college students have other than picking their major, is what kind of beer to drink with so many options out there. Talk about a MAJOR life decision! (More choices aren’t always better according to Harvard)  Either way I’ve found that when someone is totally sold on what they want in life, the world splits like a red sea and will do whatever it can to help you get what you want. It may take some time, but I’ve seen enough examples in my own and friends lives where persistence pays off to let you end up with what you want. Some examples include dating someone they like, grades, job offers etc.. I don’t think our system teaches people to how to get in touch with what they want though.

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  2. Everyone has different priorities which lead to different decisions & results
    I remember some nights where my friends would be choosing to go out and I was staying in to read a business book. While my behavior was more like what Ross from Friends wanted to spend his money on if he won the lottery, I had my eye on a certain job I wanted and was willing to do anything it took to get me to the next level. Okay maybe not anything, I mean I have  a strong code of ethics. If Adam Sandler told me I had to rob a gas station to get him sunflower seeds and he would get me any job I wanted, I wouldn’t do it. He’s not a baseball player and it goes against my code of ethics to let non baseball people eat sunflower seeds the wrong way.
  3. Networking is crucial

Every job, every internship I had came from going to business events and sitting down to get coffee. Not only did I learn that adults say the word umm too, but they were able to help connect me with people in the industry I was trying to work in. The best part of it all, as a college student all you have to do is ask them questions about themselves and they will treat you like the Prom King.


4. What’s life without a little fun?

Some of my best stories of my life have come from college. It is the best time to try something new, meet people you wouldn’t normally talk to and find out who you are. If someone goes into college with the mentality that they are here to find a job, figure out what they want, they deserve to have a little fun on the side too! In my experience too many people have the equation reversed and they think their ideal life will fall in their lap.

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