5 Unexpected Reasons Watching TV Shows is Good for you

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Wow! I can’t believe I’m writing an article about the benefits of watching TV. Normally the only TV I ever watch is Sports, Shark Tank or Dora the Explorer (My dog Sparky finds Dora so motivating.)

A couple weeks ago I went with my brother and his friends to Tennessee for the weekend to watch the Packers get destroyed by the Titans. While the game was bad, I did manage to pleasantly pass the time in the car for 18 hours by watching the TV show Entourage.

After finishing the series a couple days ago, I realized that I gained a couple of gold mental nuggets on why I think watching an occasional TV show can benefit our lives.

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  1. You can ask yourself the question, would I want this characters life?

I loved the character Ari Gold in the show Entourage. He was a hardworking, funny, confident man. On the contrary others would dislike him because he was always working, ruthless and demeaning. In the last season of the show he ended up getting divorced from his only wife (they ended up getting back together). However, in the show you saw this very successful man turn depressed. The line that stuck out to me that Ari said while he thought his family was leaving him was “Did I really end up working my entire life only to end up with nothing?” That hit home to me a lot because I’m driven but I don’t want what happened to Ari to happen to me.

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In every TV show there are so many different characters with different personalities you can get an idea what your life would be like if you made similar choices that the characters made.

Want to have a successful marriage? Whatever Barney Stinson, James Bond or Joey Tribbiani are doing, do the opposite.

Want to be Spiderman? Let a Spider bite you, Duh.

2. You can learn new jokes and one liners to use

One of my favorite reasons I like watching TV shows are that there are some great one liners that you can pick up and integrate into your own vocabulary for when the right social conversation presents itself. TV writers are creative so I’ll let them do most of the heavy lifting and memorize the lines I like.

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3. It’s easier to build rapport with people who have similar favorite shows

Since I’m from Wisconsin, if I am in another state and I meet someone from Wisconsin I know that person will be extra friendly to me. Maybe they might even buy me some beer, cheese or a brat!

The same is true for when if you meet someone who has similar taste in movies or TV shows. The benefit is you may be able to find a new friend because of your shared interest. You’ll be able to speak about your favorite episodes and lines from the show.  This may lead to your new friend giving you money. A more likely option is that they will share a story about themselves that you never knew of. Above all else, at least you won’t be making small talk and could lead to a new buddy or business connection.

4. You can study the body language of your favorite actors

I love watching confident characters. The reason being is that they always display confident body language and you can pick up how they talk, walk and act. Understanding how to present confidence makes you a highly desired person when you leave your comfy living room couch.

Apples, oranges, bananas and grapes. These are fruits.

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Ari Gold, Brad Pitt, James Bond, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio. These are good actors/ characters who are fun people to study.

5. Raise emotional intelligence

Just like studying the body language of people, you can study the social aspects that characters are in. You can learn a lot from understanding what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. Being able to pick up on voice inflections, facial cues, and how characters respond in certain situations lets you understand people better.

Should you make a joke in this situation or not?

Is this person angry or sad?

Is it appropriate to ask how much this person weighs?

Are they drinking regular soda or is it diet?

Does this person want an ice cream or a hot fudge sundae?

All of these are important questions you can learn from watching TV!

Electrify the ordinary!

Justin Pogo

6 thoughts on “5 Unexpected Reasons Watching TV Shows is Good for you”

  1. Interesting Post! I think #4 is great well. I love watching Suits especially the actor that plays Harvey. I love how confident he is…the way he talks, the way he walks, and the way he can bluff his way out of a situation. Very fun to watch! Hopefully I’ll get there one day 🙂

  2. I have to admit if I meet someone that is a fan of Parks and Rec I instantly think I’m going to get along with them great. It’s amazing how TV can connect us. There was a woman at work that use to put up the shows that she watched on a whiteboard. That way if someone stopped by they could look at the board and instantly connect with her. I always thought it was brilliant. I admit I hate small talk but if I can relate with someone on a show it instantly build rapport.

    1. Wow that is really interesting- I might have to try that at work. By the way, I am hoping Amazon Prime adds Parks and Rec soon. I’ve been wanting to watch that for awhile.

  3. I completely agree! So many people make watching tv out to be this mindless thing but I find it positively enhances my life. I like getting into characters and following story lines. TV allows me to switch my brain off and relax but more importantly, I think the emotional exposure I get from it is good too. Just watched an episode of Game of Thrones – I’m hooked!

    1. That’s the thing that I think TV gets right is how emotional the characters can be. Growing up especially I attribute being able to develop emotional intelligence by watching certain scenes and seeing how characters react and being able to depict what they were feeling.

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