Hey I’m Justin Pogo and I’m flattered you stumbled upon my journey with trying to master self-discipline. Here are a couple mind blowing facts I had to tell you about!

Me smuggling an ice cream cake into the office on my birthday
  • I am not an expert with being self-disciplined but I am an expert at eating cake.
  • In everything I do I strive to be the best.
  • This blog is a collection of daily reviews of the activities I am trying to accomplish that are important to me. The intention is to write daily but I need your help in keeping me accountable.
  • I started tracking my habits after I realized I needed a change in my life. After achieving some big goals of mine I felt lost in life because I didn’t know what to strive for anymore. As a result I picked up a lot of poor habits and bought lots of cake. Only after falling from what felt like a top to me, did I understand how easy it was to start living an “average” life instead of a “world class” life.
My dog Sparky keeping me accountable with writing down my habits
  • I post my entries online because I know the right people will find value in them.
  • I love sports, comedy, working out, reading, writing and business…. and any sweets.
  • Derek Zoolander is my fictional mentor and I like to think of my website as the Justin Pogo center for people who aren’t good at self-discipline and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too.