May 30th 2017

I’m trying download a version of Microsoft Office that works on a Mac since my University no longer supports my old version… I dodged a bullet! I have a new MacBook Air and for a moment I got scared I purchased a license that required a DVD drive.. PHEW!

Today was an interesting day. No I did not get lucky and find a random $20 bill laying on the ground but I also did not end up in a sink hole.

I woke up feeling with a high this morning. My family helped me decorate my new place and I felt so lucky to be on my own. Once I got into work it was back to the grind of figuring out how to conquer the business world. I know one day I will figure it out and hit my stride. I am a perfectionist and ¬†while I understand I am new that doesn’t excuse my performance.

See you all tomorrow!

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