Self- Discipline Monday May 1st 2017

Prersonal Habits Did I get it done?
Time Up 7:30
Time in the office 8:05
Time left the office 4:00
Time went to bed 10:00
Book I read FP articles
The person I reached out to in my network today
Morning Activities
Did not hit the snooze button no
Up by 5:00 AM no
In the office by 6:00 AM no
Leave office at 6:00 PM no
Take cold showers yes
Affirmations to colors no
Gratitude Journal no
Clean Shave yes
Make my bed no
Practice telling people what I do no
Went to the gym yes
Stretched yes
Read 30 minutes Daily catching up on the market/ Financial planning yes
Read 30 minutes Daily outside of Financial planning yes
Answer one financial planning question from a client yes
Night time activities
Wrote down and verbalized my goals three times today no
Spiritual side Journal and Reflected on the day yes
Prayed for others yes
Visualize the man I want to become yes
Tracked my expenses no
Clean/ organized car, bedrooms, and counter tops no
Expanded my network yes
Limited my swearing yes
Limited myself to two beers yes
Wished people happy birthday no
Channeled my energy towards my goals yes
Answered Social Security Questions no
Watched TV for less than 30 minutes yes
Provided week in review
Total 15/28

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